Privacy Policy

THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, TOGETHER WITH EVERY SINGLE OR PLAN ORDER SUCCUMBED BY YOU, THE SUITABLE USE POLICY AND THE PRIVACY POLICY, STATE THE COMPLETE AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND Commerce-Microsoft (“THE “AGREEMENT”).) For using our any types of services, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you select not to submit a Plan order, then the whole “Agreement” between you and commerce- Microsoft consists of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy policy.
Convinced relationships well-defined in these Terms and Conditions are also rummage-sale in the Privacy Policy and AUP and are united by orientation to these Terms and Conditions.
It is to be respected by clienteles that Privacy Policy is indebted to alteration once in a while as specified by the necessities and the overall laws. At whatsoever fact, such an alteration happens it will be promoted here for the client’s info. The clients are requested to check the safety slant occasionally to keep themselves one next to the other of the current willing plans. Any info gathered from the clienteles on the site may be used as a part of the going with way.
These Terms and Conditions rule completely strategies obtainable through the Commerce-Microsoft Portal, and slightly usage of the Commerce-Microsoft Portal. As it was of any conflict these Terms and Conditions control any Plan Instruction procedure that you acquiesce interacting Services (“Plan Order”).
Occurrence Amenities       
We proposals incident based amenities, which enables users to admittance our specialized technical support representatives 24/7 for the number of events quantified in the contract. An occurrence is premeditated as an incidence of defect that is reported by you. On your acquisition of amenity, you are permitted to support for any number of plans for which support has been bought, with respectively device you can support for two peripherals. Peripherals include, smart phones, network switch, fax machine, wireless router, digital camera and printer etc. Without another communicated no additional peripherals would be supported in your contract. In this condition, you are eligible or totally free to call our technicians any number of times for technical issues with your computer or laptop.


“Resources” indicates all web casts, white papers, press releases, download areas, FAQ’s, datasheet, quick reference guides other works of any kind that are made accessible to download from us: said resources are the proprietary and copyrights works of commerce- Microsoft portal.
“Software” means a computer package of any kind, whether owned by Commerce-Microsoft or a third party, whether transported via download, other media, CD and other methods of delivering and network security software. All the software elements are protected under copyright, trade secret and other laws.
You may order Amenities by succumbing Plan Orders by the Commerce-Microsoft Portal. Once this accepts, the Plan Order submitted by you, then you will accept an email from Commerce-Microsoft at the email address that you deliver or have provided to Commerce-Microsoft as part of the Registering Procedure for the Services. Commerce-Microsoft is not accountable for rendering Services about any Plan Order that it has not accepted. Upon acceptance by Commerce-Microsoft of a Plan Order, you will have a Facility Plan.
Subject to the Terms and Conditions, and the specifics of each Service Plan, Commerce-Microsoft will address your query using business reasonable efforts in providing appropriate solutions under the Services. In most cases, Commerce-Microsoft will attempt problem diagnosis and a solution over the telephone, through chat or email, or other means as it deems most appropriate under the circumstances. All undertakings under Service Plans are subject to Commerce-Microsoft Limited Warranty, which is set forth below. For more information, please refer to online documentation.


Amenities in contradiction of any Plan Order will be obtainable once you have made expense for Services according to the necessities of the consistent Plan Order. Commerce-Microsoft has no responsibility to render Services under any Service Plan if the expenditures as obligatory underneath any Plot Order have not been so made.



You are permitted to obtain 100% of your money back in case we are powerless to resolve even one your computer / peripherals connected issues to your gratification, or not answered within the time edge assured to you. If for any reason, you are not exclusively gratified with the amenity, we will make every exertion to resolution the issue. If you are still not content with the same, we suggestion a money back policy. For this you would be required to send a mail to with your name, details of the plan and the motive for looking for a repayment. We would regress to you within 3 working days on details of your refund.
You will obtain reimbursement or fractional reimbursement or any praises for any custodies previously owed to your account in quantity to the amount of time left in your payment period. The time leftward in your account would be considered to the adjacent month left in your amenity period.
For example, if you have a 1 year payment and you picked to abandon the subscription in the third month of facility you would obtain a refund for the nine months left in your service. A smallest of $49 would be deducted from each PC payment at the time of annulment. There would be no repayments in case of event based provision if at least one of your issues has been efficaciously determined. In case you have used our facility and still file a chargeback, your account may become disqualified to accept a reimbursement from us as below:
- For our subscription -based plan the Money-Back Guarantee is lawful for 15 days, commencement at the time of online acquisition.
- For our complementary tactics, the Money-Back Assurance is lawful for 7 days, commencement at the time of 1st Occurrence.


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